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Company profile

Prochazka & Partners values shape the company culture and guide
the way we run our business.​

Social responsibility

NAI Prochazka & Partners adheres to the principles of corporate social responsibility in economic, social and environmental respects.​ In economic respect we adhere to transparency and elimination of corruption.​

In the social sense, we also support high-quality working environment within the framework of the competition organized by The Office of the Year. The main objective of this competition is to motivate and educate the leaders of large companies to take the quality of work environment for their people as a key factor for the success of the company.​

We motivate and award business leaders who already appreciate the importance of this.​ Our competition helps to improve the lives of people who work in the environment made by those whose position we can influence.​ We take this responsibility seriously and take into account the interests of all the parties involved.

Company values

Responsibility / Independence / Trust

RESPONSIBILITY to our clients is the fundamental and the most important value of Prochazka & Partners. We find the best solutions which reflect the specific needs of our clients. We defend our clients’ interests in dealings with third parties.

INDEPENDENT and professional consulting is the core of our success. We will always stand by those we represent.

TRUST is a key principle that will always be the unconditional essence of our partnership with clients.


Our experience






people find their life easier as a result of our


billion Czech crowns from the pockets of our clients saved
in rental and building costs.

NAI Global

Prochazka & Partners is more connected than ever before! We are proud member of the NAI global family.

​NAI Global is a leading global commercial real estate brokerage firm of owner-managed real estate consultancies. With more than 7,000 property experts in over 400 offices, our customers are always able to find the perfect solution in their region. The network demands high standards of its members. The network partners are distinguished by their high consulting standards, excellent market knowledge and a strong level of customer orientation.​

Meet our team

Our 30-strong team at Prochazka & Partners consists of professionals from a number of fields who will help you with any needs in the field of commercial real estate.


„Since the founding of our company in 2013, we have helped hundreds of clients save billions of crowns in commercial property costs. We are specialists in the field of Offices, Industrial or Design & Build. We also successfully advise clients on investments in their own commercial properties. ”

Radek Procházka
Managing Partner

„With my 10 years of experience in the field of commercial real estate, I give advice to clients mainly in the field of office space but also industrial properties. My daily contact with C-level managers from leading corporations makes me focus on the financial aspect – saving the client’s costs, and lately I really like investment consulting.“

Petr Narwa
Head of Transaction & Consulting Services

„Quality office design should not be an end in itself. People should look forward to working, and good architecture undoubtedly helps. This is something I learned in my 10 years of designing office buildings and offices. I am glad that together with colleagues from Build and Offices we help clients have the work environment they have always dreamt of.“

Ondřej Michálek
Head of Architecture

„Dozens of construction projects that I managed during my 10-year career had a common denominator – perfect coordination of all suppliers and regular quality management with our architects from the Design team. This is the only way to deliver the finished work to clients on time, in the required quality and within the budget.“

Radek Vlček
Head of Project Management



Radek Procházka is Managing Partner and Executive of the firm which he founded as independent advisory firm focused on providing commercial real estate advisory services in CEE.

​After seven years of experience in advisory sector of commercial real estate in international firms such as Colliers International and Cushman & Wakefield he founded Prochazka & Partners. As Managing Partner he cares for most important clients and takes on active role in negotiating suitable solutions and leading projects.

​Radek Procházka started his university studies at University of New York in Prague and after two years left to the USA where he later graduated at University of San Francisco majoring in Finance.

​Radek Procházka is specialist in the office segment and is one of the handful of most experienced professionals on CEE market in the area of Tenant Representation. During his last years working for Cushman & Wakefield he led Tenant Representation department for Czech Republic & Slovakia, cared for most important clients and coordinated international cooperation of the firm with Corporate Occupier & Investor Services supporting global corporate clientele for the region. During his career he closed over 160 transactions in total capacity exceeding 320.000 sqm of office space. Within these transactions in rough numbers he helped his clients to save 76 million Euro in rental expenditures and construction costs.​

Offices of the Year

About the competition

Our focus on promoting quality in office environment is reflected in the prestigious Offices of the Year competition, started in 2016 by Radek Procházka, Managing Partner Prochazka & Partners, which every year recognizes outstanding office projects.

The expert jury evaluates businesses that invest in the well-being and comfort of their people through their office environment. The goal is to promote them as attractive employers. We want our clients to be a role model for other businesses in this respect. Every year, the results are announced and prizes presented at a gala at Žofín Palace.

More about Offices of the Year

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